10th-12th: Oe / Ali / Costa at Never Before Never Agin Festival at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm
                       w/ Azumi Oe - dance, Sean Ali - double bass

17th: Earth Tongues at Brackish, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm
           w/ Joe Moffett - trumpet, Dan Peck - tuba


17th: Various duos and trios at Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY - 2pm
           w/ Ami Yamasaki - voice, Erica Dicker - violin, Sam Weinberg - tenor saxophone, John McCowen - clarinet, Henry Fraser - double bass, Corey 
           Flogel - percussion

28th: Dim Thickets album release at Happy Lucky No. 1, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm
           w/ Jason Nazary - electronics


11th: Earth Tongues at St. James Cathedral Basilica, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm
           w/ Joe Moffett - trumpet, Dan Peck - tuba

21st: Henkel / Fraser / Dicker / Costa at Balboa, Brooklyn, NY - 8pm
           w/ Brad Henkel - trumpet, Erica Dicker - violin, Henry Fraser - double bass


2nd: Duo with Toma Gouband at Fragment, Metz, France - 12pm
           w/ Toma Gouband - percussion

5th: Raphael Malfliet Large Ensemble album release at De Singel, Antwerp, Belgium - 8pm
         w/ Raphael Malflet - electric bass; Cécil Broché - violin; Frantz Loriot - viola; Elisabeth Coudoux - cello; Leonhard Huhn - clarinet, alto sax; 
         Karin De Fleyt - flute; Elena Kagaliagou - french horn; Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone, Toma Gouband - percussion
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